Goat Milk Soap: What's All The Fuss About!

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These days just about everyone knows that goat milk, and farm fresh goat milk soap in particular, is supposed to be really good for your skin. But what's the real story? When Leanne Faulkner of Billie Goat Soap fame went on A Current Affair announcing that her goat milk soap recipe cured her son's eczema, folk's flocked to Myer's to get some like a throng of true believers to The Mount!  Incidentally, goat milk is so good it's even mentioned in The Bible...

And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens.  

- King James Bible, Proverbs 27:27

Ancient Roman writers like Pliny tell of soaps being made with goat fat, so perhaps they were also using the fresh milks too.

Planet Yum goat milk soap blog picture of a goat waiting to be milked


SO.  What's The Real Story?

We switched to using farm fresh goat milk in our Cupcake SoapsEveryday soaps & Artisan styled soaps years ago because many of our customers who needed natural goat milk soap demanded they should be able to have beautiful soaps rather than the boring varieties on the market. Too true.

& Where Can You Get the REAL Deal?

Be careful where you buy your goat milk soap.  I was contacted a few years ago by a formulating Chemist/Pharmacist from Melbourne who was creating her own line of goat milk soaps. Initially she wanted to run her formula by me, and as we chatted  I was shocked to learn that the goat milk soaps you buy in Chemists or supermarkets was very poor quality, often from overseas and contained very little goat milk if any at all!

Planet Yum Goat Milk Soap Being Blended

If you want the best natural goat milk soap on the market get it from soap makers who use fresh unpasteurised goat milk.  Don't worry about bugs.  The saponification process kills any little nasties naturally as the oils turn into soap.  More on the differing types of milks later in this article.

So What's All The Fuss About?

What's So Good About Goat's Milk & Goat Milk Related Products?  There are some really unique ingredients in goats' milk that are not found in other milks.  The number one goody is called Selenium.

Selenium is an antioxidant which fights against free radicals, and also combines well with the naturally present alpha hydroxy acids in goat milk to slough away dead skin cells.  Even natural non-goat milk soap doesn't do that, unless it contains exfoliating grains or oatmeal. So another point for goat milk soap.

As you wash, the alpha hydroxy acid in goat milk soap removes dead skin cells by breaking down the glue that connects them together.  The process of natural exfoliation is so gentle you can't even feel it. Basically - not only does goat milk soap clean your skin it also removes old damaged tissue which can help prevent infection.
colourful scented goat milk soaps made by Planet Yum Australia


Goat milk is packed full of skin loving' vitamins too - in fact it is high in vitamin C, B, E and contains loads of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is an essential ingredient that repairs damaged skin, and helps maintain overall skin health. 


goats being milked Shoalhaven NSWEven when it comes to goat milk, there are many varieties of goats producing differing qualities of milk.  We source our milk from local farms in the NSW Shoalhaven region not far from our studio in North Nowra.
You can learn the simple craft of making goat milk soap at one of our Soap Making Workshops for Beginners at Planet Yum in Nowra or Western Sydney Penrith.
  • At Planet Yum we choose fresh milk from dwarf Nigerian & Nubian goats because their milks are naturally super-creamed, sometimes 5 - 10% more than regular dairy goats.

Natural goat milk soap can benefit some people with sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain additives like alcohol, petroleum and preservatives. Prevention is better than cure!  Reducing the risks of skin irritations and allergic reactions in the first place is the key!  Natural goat milk soap gently removes impurities therefore softening, moisturising and smoothing skin.  

Planet Yum offers courses in a number body care products:

Soap & Goat Milk Soap


Creams, Lotions & Body Butters

Art of Perfumery.

If you'd like to get creative and learn something new & useful book into one of our fun-filled workshops today.

     beautiful coloured & scented goat milk soaps made by Planet Yum Soaps Australia

    - Andrew Dyer, Planet Yum Australia

    Planet Yum is not intending to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition, and is not claiming therapeutic benefits of any of its products as outlined in The Therapeutic Goods Administration Act.  If you have any concerns about your health or using body care products you should always check with your medical professional before using any product.

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