Our Fragrance Club

Become a Planet Yum Loyalty Rewards Member.
Join the Fragrance Club to start earning exclusive rewards and experiences every time you shop.

How It Works

Earn more Planet Points for different actions and turn those Planet Points into awesome rewards! (also, see Member Tier levels below)

Ways to earn

Review your products

200 Planet Points each product you review

Share on Twitter
50 Planet Points
Share on Facebook
50 Planet Points
Follow on Instagram
100 Planet Points
Place an order
2 Planet Points for every $1 spent
Celebrate a birthday
As a Fragrance Club member you will receive 1695 Planet Points to put towards your birthday gift from us. On the day of your birthday, you will receive an email with a promo code to use with your next order. Make sure you are logged into your account when using the code.
200 Planet Points


Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
They get
10% off coupon
You get
$10 off coupon

Member Tiers

BRONZE Member: You'll receive all the perks shown above until you spend $2000 in total sales.

SILVER Member: $2000 or more in total sales rewards you with a 2000 Planet Point bonus and double the Planet Points for your reviews, orders etc.

GOLD Member: $3000 + in total sales rewards you with a 3000 Planet Points bonus and triple Planet Points for your reviews, orders etc.

Thanks for your Loyalty.