Returns & Refunds (Please first read the information below this form)


Under Australian Consumer Law PLANET YUM FINE FRAGRANCES guarantees each product is of acceptable quality at point of sale online;  this means: a) fit for the purpose for which it is commonly supplied, b) safe, durable & free of defects, c) acceptable in appearance and finish.  In relation to point b) it is the end users' responsibility to take all reasonable care in using the product to ensure his/her own safety.  For example, in burning our candles, or using our cosmetic products.  More information can be found under our Legal/Medical Disclaimer on our 'Ingredients' page.


While all care is taken, sometimes small pieces of other soaps or glitters may be present in your product.  Sometimes small pieces of soap or glitter may dislodge.  This does NOT constitute a defect in the product.  ALSO weights vary from product to product because each one is hand made, and therefore we cannot guarantee each product will weigh the same.  Therefore this does not constitute ground for refund, and does not mean the product is defective.



Under the Australian Consumer Law, you are not entitled to return a product if there is no breach of a consumer guarantee – for example, if you:

  • -changed your mind after products are despatched, and/or think the product should be better than the current model -the product is as it currently is. The product may be upgraded, improved or refined at a future date.
  • -ordered the wrong product (Please note: deliberately damaging a product, or disposing of the product to seek a replacement of same or a different product will not constitute a return.  We only exchange/return the exact same type of product).
  • -found the product cheaper elsewhere, or didn't like the product.
  • -damaged the product by misusing it – for example, you did not follow the candle burning instructions and your wicks drown, or your glassware cracked because you burned the candle for too long. 
  • -used the product for a very long time and the problem is as a result of usual wear and tear.  For example, your label fades or blurs over time.

PLEASE NOTE:- PLANET YUM Fine Fragrances produces many "ARTISAN" products, meaning that those products are artworks, and as such their style or appearance may vary from what you see pictured.  It is impossible to recreate each bar of soap exactly the same; not even a machine can do this. 




In all circumstances we first reserve the right to replace any product under the following guidelines, rather than simply refund you.  


Under Australian Consumer Law PLANET YUM FINE FRAGRANCES guarantees each product is of acceptable quality at point of sale online;  but for the following reasons, you may have the product replaced:


  • 1)  The product is significantly different from what you ordered.  For example, you ordered Monet's Garden candle, but received Japanese Honeysuckle candle.  We will replace only the same type of product, for example the Monet's Garden candle, not a different type. 
  • WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:  If you have received a different product from what is on your invoice, please fill in the form at the top of this page.  PLEASE NOTE:  We will send you a returns label via email (if you supplied an email address, and if you did not you will need to send us your email address. You will need to carefully repack the product(s) and send the parcel back to us via post.
  • Once received by us, we will immediately send you the correct product.  
  • 2)  If the product was damaged in transit.  
  • Please note, all product orders are packed carefully to avoid damages in transit in the first instance, however, occasionally damages still do occur which are not our fault.
  • If you receive a product damaged in transit:
  • Click the email link below, and please attach a clear photograph of the damaged product in its original postal box immediately. You must show this evidence or no replacement will be made to you.   
  • Our email address to send photograph is:
  • If you cannot photograph the damaged product order and send it to us via email, you are responsible for returning the product to us via regular post, and to pay any associated postage costs to return it.  Please see note below regarding reimbursement for your returned product's postage costs.
  • Our postal address for returns is: 10 Narrien Place, North Nowra, NSW 2541 Australia.
  • PLEASE NOTE:- We will replace only the exact same product.  You cannot choose a different product.   Any replacement we make to you will be free of postage charges.  If your return postage was more expensive than the original postage we charged you, we will reimburse you the difference via a refund.  If your original order was equal to, or over $100, then we will reimburse fully your return postage cost via a refund to the original payment method/account or credit card you used to pay for your order in the first instance.  Please note, we can only refund to the original payment method/card you used to pay us for your order, not any other card, or cardholder's account.

​Please note, points one and two above do not immediately constitute a dispute.  We will in good faith, replace any item(s) according to points one and/or two above within 14 days of receiving notice from you, providing the guidelines above are met by you.





Planet Yum Fine Fragrances does not generally offer refunds.  We offer only the choice of a replacement. 




You have made an incorrect direct credit to our bank account via bank transfer.  Please contact us on (02) 4422 9523 during business hours Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM, or email us outside business hours.  We will refund you the exact amount immediately upon the amount showing in our account, and not before it has shown as received in our account.