Our History

Andrew Dyer & Robin Imms Owners of Planet Yum

In the summer of 2006, in South Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia, two young visionaries began making soap in their home. Having suffered from sensitive skin issues like eczema & psoriasis, Robin Imms & Andrew Dyer began a natural journey to discover Mother Nature's alternatives.  After intense study and exhaustive experimentation they discovered the perfect natural soap blend using fresh goat milk and skin loving botanical oils.  Each in just the right proportion, meticulously blended with herbs, flowers & their potent essences into their magical mixture of fragranced oils and lye. After settling for a few weeks, this mouthwatering goat milk soap became highly sought after by friends, family & neighbours.  
Today, with the same passion, love and creativity that inspired their original goat milk soap, Planet Yum Fine Fragrances has expanded upon their natural soap line to include delightfully artistic Artisan styled goat milk soap, amazing goat milk Cupcake Soapstriple scented candles to enhance any occasion with a fragrant glow that uplifts you, your family and your friends.  Planet Yum's Aroma Diffusers & Soy Wax Melts are all triple scented and of the highest quality and made here in Australia.  Planet Yum is passionate about the uplifting power that scent has upon us, and with memorable & delicious scents, their aim is always to soothe the soul & create a sense of peace and wellbeing while freshening the air, the body and the spirit.  Fragrance is important, but so is the quality of the medium in which it is placed.  That's why Planet Yum formulates only the most natural and excellent bath & body products like Australian mineral soaksbody creams, body butters, lotions & potions for your skin.  We don't believe in using ingredients that pretend or mask Mother Nature's loving abilities, we always endeavour to use the most eco-sustainable ingredients She has to offer to you as our valued customer.  Because, we know excellent products at affordable prices is what you prefer, as do we. 

We pride ourselves at Planet Yum in making each product by hand, just the same way as when we started back in 2006.  Rather than seeking mechanised, automated, machine processed products, we love the human touch that we and our staff bring when making our products by hand.  Everything is made with love & care - just for you.
At Planet Yum we produce Australian Made pure natural  soaps all hand-made the way they used to be made before the invention of cheap supermarket detergent soaps & body washes.  We make our natural soaps with quality ingredients like fresh local goat milk, pure olive oil, coconut oil (Non-genetically modified), moisturising castor bean oil, and then enhance our formula with botanical extracts, moisturising seed oils & natural cocoa butter.

Soap that's Good for You and Our Planet. 
At Planet Yum we make "real" soap which is not the same as 'supermarket soaps' which are NOT soaps in the true sense, even the so-called "moisturising" ones.  Supermarket soaps are detergents - including body wash (surfactants) which can dry out skin with chemicals.  Often these are produced overseas in factories with little or no quality controls, or care for what goes into the formula.  Often the ingredients are cheap, nasty and sometimes dangerous!!!

We make all of our own natural soaps in small quality controlled batches so you can trust you are getting a quality product.  We use colours and fragrances that are deemed safe by the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Authority (FDA).  Only true soap can clean and nourish your skin. Only true cold-process soaps can kill Both  bacteria and viruses including covid-19. The raw materials we use are fully biodegradable and sourced from sustainable farming practices. 

Planet Yum is registered with N.I.C.N.A.S.  No. 10284
Business Name: PLANET YUM
Description: Small to medium home-based business specialising in the manufacture of botanical skincare & handcrafted soaps. All products hand-made by Planet Yum in Australia. All ingredients are sourced from Australia first wherever possible.
ABN: 83 904 904 069 Registered: 5 September 2006
GST info: Registered: 1 November 2006
Business Type: Partnership
Owned by: A.D. DYER & R.A. IMMS
Business Address: 10 Narrien Plc, North Nowra NSW 2541 Australia
Contact Number: (02) 4422 9523
Hours: 9-5pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
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