How To Choose The Right Bath Bombs For You

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How To Choose The Right Bath Bombs For You

by Tracey Robert (Fiverr.)

Once Upon A Time...there were just a few good professional bath bomb manufacturers in Australia - including Planet Yum Bath & Body Online - who had worked hard to perfect their formulas to make the best bath bomb fizz on the Australian market.

But, The Truth Is...

Now everyone seems to be making bath bombs or importing them, and you can buy bath bombs every where it seems.  Prices vary a fair bit. Some are good, some are downright disgusting and not worth the cheap prices they are selling them for. Some are gimmicks. It's true that you always get what you pay for.  So, the million dollar question is...

Planet Yum Milk & Honey Bath Bomb hovering over a hot bath with a glowing candle nearby

Why do you even need bath bombs?  And How To Choose The Best!

I love it when I get to experience my customers products and write about them, especially when they are bath & body.  I'll tell you all about their bath bombs shortly, but hopefully in a another article I'll get to write about their equally amazing bubble bath blocks, bath bomb cocktails, Mineral Bath Soaks & Bubbling Bath Milks. Hint, hint please to the team at Planet Yum.

So, without beating around the bush, Planet Yum's whole philosophy on bath bombs and bathing products in general is that everybody deserves a little luxury, but luxury they can actually afford.  We all crave that 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience that gives you that feeling of wellbeing, but also makes you feel, well...special. You know that feeling when you buy a new car, or a new dress you just love!  Or those amazing new shoes, right?  

When it comes to cosmetic bathing bliss, what if we told you that you can always treat yourself and your skin to some everyday luxury, and have that wonderful feeling of specialness every week?  Listen to that hot steaming water flowing into your bath just waiting for your tired muscles.  Wouldn't you be interested...of course you would, because in the famous words of L'Oreal - you're worth it.

So, how do you choose the best bath bombs on the market - ones that are good for your skin, smell great without giving you a knock-out headache and leave you feeling relaxed and smelling all shades of gorgeous?

field of golden canola glowing in the sunWhen you're shopping online or in stores Planet Yum recommend strongly that you avoid bath bombs that don't contain natural moisturising plant oils.  Without them, you are missing out on a divine all-over body hydration!  No plant-based hydration means potentially dry skin. Natural ingredients & natural plant based hydrating oils should be on the ingredients list!

Plant based oils also nourish your skin with vitamins and essential omegas & antioxidants, and all you have to do is lay there and luxuriate and soak them up.  Bliss.  Planet Yum use Australian grown and choose Aussie canola oil. Full of skin goodies and no potential nut allergies for those who need to be confident in their purchase.

Check Ingredients labels. If a company doesn't display the total ingredients on their labels, then they may actually be imported bath bombs and who knows what's in them! Even if they are 'Made in Australia' you need to know what's in them!  What if they contain traces of ingredients that may potentially cause allergic reactions like nuts? How can you buy and use it if you can't have that confidence in your purchase?

Australian Made Logo

Planet Yum recommend you always buy with the Australia Made logo too, then you know your supplier has been truly assessed.  You can always check them out by contacting the Australia Made Campaign.  Also, check out customer reviews online too.

At Planet Yum they hand make some of the very best bath bombs & fizz on the Australian market today, and they are affiliated with the Australian Made campaign so you know Planet Yum is a brand you can trust that enables you finally....

to enjoy an unforgettable bathing experience at least once a week.


woman in bath relaxing with lots of candles

How much should I spend on a bath bomb?  That also brings into this conversation the importance of price point.  We know everyone thinks you can get everything online almost free these days, but get what you pay for.  How much should you spend on a bath bomb?  I recommend under $10.00, but it's gotta be special.  Around $6.00 is good value for money for an excellent Australian Made bath bomb.

I was recently reading a blog about the prices of bath bombs in Australia and the blogger was baulking at paying $7.00 for a bath bomb and recommended people to buy the cheap ones at K-Mart then actually break them up for multiple use.  

Folks, c'mon!  Please. Let yourself enjoy theCup of coffee and pice of cherry pie in a cafe
whole experience.  How much do you spend on your weekly coffee budget?  The little luxuries in life are totally worth it.

How To Choose The Best Bath Bombs

Important things to consider... Scents, Colours & Names

At Planet Yum you're spoiled for choice in their bath bomb department with a fine selection of beautifully coloured and scented bath bombs.  They work to ensure each bath bomb is uniquely scented with essential oils and nature-identical essences so each is totally original. There's nothing worse than buying bath bombs that smell closely the same is there?.  Also, they don't overpower your nose with acrid smelling scents full of linalool, citral and limonene, they just blend their accords to the harmonious level that is beautifully balanced for all.

Amber bottle of essential oil with tea lights glowing

The aromas that come to you with Planet Yum bath bombs is truly exotic, blissful, sensual, fun & fresh, and classy & chic.  Besides; the fragrance is just as satisfying as the effect their bath bombs have overall on your body & soul.  And guess what?  It never fails to do the trick every time. How cool is that?

Colours are an interesting and fun appeal, but did you know they also have other qualities?  Check out a little thing called colour therapy if it interests you, then you'll be able to choose your bath bomb colours in accord with your creative needs.

colourful sign reads colour therapy

When it comes to naming their bath bombs, Planet Yum generally call it like it is...if it's coconut & lime, then they call it so.  They say they've learned over the years that while quirky names are fun, especially for kids, they know you just want to know exactly what the scent is about. No fuss. You can always get a very good scent description on their bath bomb product pages online.

They use Queen brand food colours in their bath bombs for some very good reasons.  While there are some awesome hi viz flouro glow colours being used in bath bombs these days, Planet Yum opt for food colours because they are Vegan and have not been tested on animals.  And while some people, particularly kids, may be sensitive to food colours when eaten, the final dilution of colour in the bath tub is very tiny.

Don't just take my word for it...  

Surf through Planet Yum's Bath Bombs online and you'll be amazed at their exquisite collection of luxury bath bombs uniquely produced by hand to give you a bathing experience like never before!  They also make for the perfect gift as they each come individually boxed, and if you pay a little extra they'll even gift box your order in a very chic box with gorgeous black & white striped ribbon.

Priced at only $6.00 each for outstanding Australian Made quality for premium bath bombs don't wait another second, place your order now and get ready to be gorgeous!

Planet Yum Bath Bombs



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