Father's Day Gift Guide: Find The Right Scent for Dad

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Father's Day is just around the corner! OMG! What am i gonna get my dad????  There's no panic required and there's plenty of time to find the right fragrance gift for your dad.  Dads and father-like men in our lives are very important role models for little guys and girls, teens and even us adults.  It's time to give back, and celebrate Dad.  

Classically, nothing beats a gift of fragrance for Father's Day.  After all, it's unlikely he'll need any more socks and ties right? Colognes & After Shaves say a lot about a man, and his style.  Whether he's sophisticated, elite, sporty or just a laid back relaxed sorta guy here's our fragrance guide to help you decide on just the right scent for your dad this Father's Day 2 September 2018.

Planet Yum is actually giving you a discount of 20% off on Men's fragrance Gift Box this Father's Day. 



The sporty dad is the kinda guy who like sports and the outdoors.  Whether it's a drive to Bathurst for the 1000, or weekend hikes or dives then EROS 100ml Eau de parfum is the scent for sporty dad.  It's natural, fresh and green like the outdoors, and a touch spicy and masculine.  This Dad is proud of his performance and when he aims for his target he's pretty skilled at achieving it.  The EROS scent can help him hone in on his competition.  The 100ml fragrance is accompanied by a 120g hunk of masculine natural soap scented in the same sporty fragrance. Buddies will be envious.

EROS Fragrance & Soap Gift Box set Planet Yum

Argos Cologne & Natural Soap Gift Box is a magnetically attractive fragrance for men by Planet Yum and just perfect for the sporty Dad.  It's sporty but gentle, and just a little dramatic.  Fresh, but deep Argos is built on contrasts - traditional but bold, fresh and mild and a touch sharp.  Top notes: Mint, Lavender and Bergamot.
Middle notes: Cinnamon, Cumin, and Orange blossom. Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, Sandalwood and Cedarwood.ARGOS Fragrance & soap for Men at Planet Yum



The sophisticated dad likes finest leather, clothes and the best things in life, so he needs a fragrance that says luxury. He already has just about everything, so sometimes he's hard to buy for.  We'll help you out...

Welcome to the world of intense and woody scents like INTENSE WOODS Eau de parfum by Planet Yum. Fresh fruity top notes of apple and citrus wake you up from its first spray, but surprising pelargonium (natural fresh green floral) is balanced with masculine spicy cinnamon and a touch of deep clove.  Sandalwood, vetiver and precious cedar wood creates the foundation for this intense woody fragrance with fresh citrus top notes.  A classic fougere accord among men perfect for everyday office wear and sophisticated enough for evening.          Intense Woods Fragrance for Men Planet Yum           

The sophisticated Dad who is also a bit of an urban romantic will love Planet Yum's 50 Shades fragrance and natural soap gift box set this Father's Day.  It's a masculine aftershave/eau de cologne type fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot and cedar wood, coupled with warm leather and musk base notes.  Mum or Dad is going to love this too.50 Shades Fragrance by Planet Yum




THE ALPHA DAD           

He's the most popular dad among mates, and while everyone thinks their dad's the best, when you've got an alpha Dad you know your's really is.  He's a complex character, because he's tough on the outside whether he rides that garaged Harley or not, and on the inside he's full of father-like care and advice.  Intense Passion is his fragrance this Father's Day and everyday. Bold hits of blood orange & grapefruit explode all over on the first spray of this exhuberant & fresh woody eau de parfum.  Next, the exhuberance of fresh mint, a touch of rose maroc and hints of mysterious oriental spice. He'll definitely stand out in any crowd with this masculine scent.


Black Passion Intense Fragrance for Men by Planet Yum

It doesn't get more ultimate than ZEUS, the Alpha God of Ancient Greece.  This Cologne & Natural Soap Gift Box is for the God in every man this Father's Day.  This masculine yet casual scent possesses a blend of cinnamon, jasmine, honey, tobacco, and vetiver blended in a most intriguing perfume accord like no other.  It's definitively and boldly oriental in its sumptuous vanilla, amber and labdanum, and then it teases you with its manly wood - expensive tobacco absolute and grassy vetiver.  All sweetened with honey, jasmine and a touch of cinnamon.  It's almost edible and definately stirs passions.Zeus Fragrance for the Alpha Male by Planet Yum

Here are some other gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day:  Dad's love Bath Bombs & Bubble Baths too.  Read our article to help choose the right bath bomb for Dad. In fact, Dads love our pure and natural scented soaps of which we have some masculine scents like Alchemy, Aztec Gold, Guinness Beer.  Our everyday goat milk soaps are also well-loved by the guys too, because these goat milk soaps are made with real farm fresh goat milk. Read our article to find out why goat milk soap is so good.  

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