Thai Lime & Mango Luxury Scented Candle

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FIRST IMPRESSION OF Thai Lime & Mango Luxury Scented Candle by Planet Yum:

by Mary Howarth

O.M.Freakin' LORD!!!! Mango lovers, let's get serious… get to Planet Yum on Facebook or their website NOW or ASAP and pick up this scent in one of their luxury scented candles.  Best thing is you get to choose from three sizes of luxury scented candles and any scent you want in any of those sizes!  But, if like me, you are a tropical and fruity candle girl (LOL) Thai Lime and Mango is the go when it comes to scented candles for me.  

Totally amazeballs!! It smelled honestly like the juiciest mango and tartest lime in Thailand or somewhere. So refreshing, and did I mention tart & fruity hahahah. I just about had an out of body experience and flew to a Thai Resort when I took off the lid and smelled the wax and that was unlit!  When I lit the candle it pretty soon filled the room and I mean - total satisfaction. Great scent throw!!  

I've bought lots of brands of triple scented candles before and Planet Yum I have to say is one of the very best I have enjoyed. I loved it so much on a cold sniff, I ordered 4 other candles of different scents which i'll blog about as soon as they arrive.  

Can you tell how much I loved their candle? LOL!!! Oh yeah.


Double Wicked, Triple Scented - What's It All Mean...Why's It Important?

Before I get into the fragrances more, I need to point out this is just one of the best scents of Planet Yum luxury scented candles I've lit and loved. There are dozens more!  Enough to keep me going for years.  Planet Yum double wick the candles for a very important reason...they burn fully and you don't get any waste.  I asked them if they were triple scented and what that means, and here's what they said,

"You could say our candles are triple scented, but it just means we use the full amount of fragrance that our special wax allows.  The idea of triple scenting came from the first scented candles on the market being slightly scented, but then they were scented double and finally triple, meaning fully.".

Why does it matter?  You get really good strong scents - meaning they fill your space ladies, so you don't have to stick your head over it just to smell it.


Describing the Scent

Okay… yes, onto the scent!  I have given you my description, and so here is the description given by Andrew Dyer Planet Yum's Luxury candle maker... "Thai Lime & Mango Luxury Scented Candle is a tropical inspired citrus/fruit accord of refreshing citrus zests & mouth watering lemongrass, lemon peel & kaffir lime'.  

Sooooo right! When I first sniffed my saliva glands exploded hahahahaha.

That's not all... they say,

'Delicious notes of fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango transport you to the calming buzz of Thailand holiday'.  Oh! So true. Couldn't have written it better myself.

It was sweet, juicy and tart all at the same time and so strong it filled the room, but yet, wasn't overpowering. I’m kind of totally illuminated and totally blown away by this amazing candle as if you can’t already tell LOL.  


PS:  You can get this scent in Luxury Scented CandlesAroma Diffusers, Body Butter Moisture Creme & even personal Eau de Parfum.

Blogger:  Mary Howarth

Mary is an Aussie young Mum who has worked in the fragrance industry in retail for many years, and currently runs her own Doterra essential oils business and blogs. Visit REBALANCE WITH MARY



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