Miss Amore Perfume

Miss Amore Perfume

Miss Amore Perfume by Planet Yum explodes with floral rose & jasmine and simply mouth-watering citrus notes of mandarin & fresh bergamot. This sophisticated and alluring scent is highlighted with earthy Cyprean oakmoss, sensual musk and patchouli to create a sexy and lingering signature.  Truly alluring and a perfume that is so beautiful it will melt your heart.  Mossy woods create a classic and chic appeal.

100ml Eau de Parfum Made in Australia by Planet Yum

Perfume Family: Chypre (Mossy Woods) Based on a woody, mossy, floral accord, which can include leathery or fruity notes as well. Chypre perfumes have a rich and lingering scent. Chypre by Coty enjoyed such success in 1917 that “chypre” is now a generic name for a whole category of classic perfumes. The compositions are based on oakmoss, ciste-labdanum, patchouli and bergamot accords. The richness of chypre notes mixes wonderfully with fruity or floral notes. This family is made up of distinguished, instantly recognizable fragrances. Floral notes such as lily of the valley, rose or jasmine are added to the chypre structure. Examples include: Badgley Mischka, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Givenchy Amariage Mariage and Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious.

About Ingredients: Our fragrances consist of many aromatic ingredients, some natural and some safe-synthetic, blended to our perfumers' specifications. Natural components are extracted from plants or flowers such as essential oils, absolutes,  and synthetic components are manufactured from lab-made nature identical molecules exactly replicating nature's. All material used in the production of fragrances is safe for use according to the International Fragrance Regulation Association (IFRA). None of our fragrances contains phthalates or parabens, and none of the ingredients are animal derived, and no products are tested on animals.